The world is a giant drum waiting to be played.
~ Tao Te Drum ~


Percussionist & Teaching Artist, Daveed sparks the imagination with his evocative synthesis of North African and Turko-Persian traditions interwoven with contemporary Western percussion styles. Author of TAO TE DRUM: Eastern Drumming for Western Drummers and Drumming by the Numbers, Daveed’s artistic vision fosters the belief that “The world is a giant drum just waiting to be played.”

Since 1994, Daveed has journeyed across America through DRUMFEST!, a hands-on, multi-cultural drumming experience for people of all ages, where he promotes strong curriculum connections between world percussion and core subjects: i.e. reading, writing, math, and science.

A true rhythm evangelist and consummate artistic collaborator, Daveed has worked with such eclectic ensembles, as: TURKU: Nomads of the Silk Road; the MOVING POETS THEATRE OF DANCE; and WITHOUT BORDERS, 21st century chamber music.
Since 2007, Daveed has been the Performing Arts Specialist for Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore MD, where he has developed an extensive repertoire of multi-disciplinary, arts-integrated programs, including: Kamishibai (Kah-mee-she-buy) / Japanese Paper Theater, Whack-a-BOOM Orchestra, “What Am I?” / the Animal Haiku Game, and the World Rhythm Drum Circus.

He is Turku's lead drummer; playing darabuka (dumbek) and djembe. His style respresents a synthesis of many of the world's dynamic percussion traditions. In addition to his performances onTurku's recordings, Daveed has also performed on "Eyes Behind the Veil" and "Seeds of Time", as well as making three drumming instruction tapes. He has just produced a hand drumming video with an accompanying book.This is a complete course for the student of hand drumming. Daveed also offers "Drumfest!", a hands-on, interactive, multi-cultural drumming experience for people of all ages. Through school assembly programs, artist-in-residency projects, concerts, and workshops, Daveed introduces participants to the exciting world of percussion and rhythm. Since it's inception, Drumfest! has reached more than 45,000 people from San Diego, CA to Wilmington, NC.

David Korup was born in Kankakee, IL in 1958. He received degree in political science from Northern Illinois University in 1981. David began studying drumming at age 9, and continued through high school. Drumming remained a hobby until being introduced to the dumbek (goblet-shaped Middle Eastern drum) in 1983. In 1984 he met his teacher and mentor, Billy Woods, they have been drumming and working together ever since. He served as solo percussionist in the New Mexico Ballet Company’s production of "The Jungle Book." As a professional percussionist Korup has been active in numerous projects, most recently as drummer for Turku. He has several percussion recordings to his credit including "Eyes Behind the Veil" and "Seeds of Time," and a dumbek rhythm series called "The World of Dumbek Vols 1&2 available from Lights-on Productions, and indie lable founded by David Korup and Billy Woods.


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